Aktiv Mineral S

Aktiv-Mineral S — contains the natural substance silicon in its purest form.

Aktiv-Multi-Mineral Additives
Aktiv Mineral S

Aktiv-Mineral nutrients are essential for the bodies of our animals — but the proper quantity and quality are often not present in the diet.

The problem:
The mineral content of grasses and other plants is continuously decreasing (over the last several decades, the silicon content in some grains has dropped by 80%) or the digestibility of the minerals still present has decreased considerably due to industrial processing — either reason is a common cause of nutrient deficiency in the equine diet.

Hoof problems draw notice first — the horse can only be used to a limited degree — if at all, and the farrier faces severe, sometimes insurmountable challenges.

The solution:
Aktiv-Mineral provides a number of essential nutrients for the equine metabolism, especially for fast growing tissues such as hooves, hair and skin: SiO², calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc.

The many functions of silicon are provided by Aktiv-Mineral:
Binds harmful substances for excretion, thus providing relief for many complaints, for example, laminitis or intestinal inflammation. Neutralizes and balances the pH value. Increases the utilization of nutrients by up to 30%. Serves as an antioxidant.



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