Confirmed by professional and private users as an optimal therapy set.

Its advantages are obvious:

Proven Equimag technology on the newest state of technolgy and science.

  • best processing and materials
  • simple in handling
  • able to be cleaned in the washing machine
  • Fits for almost all horse dimensions
  • New Length-adjustable and height adjustaable breast fastener
  • Smooth gaiter als directly suitabel on joints
  • Lengthening for gaiter useable on the horses neck or with dogs
  • Utility model-protected reel system generates a widely homogeneous magnetic field about the whole cover area.

Control unit

More than 8 years ago we have developedour Equimag system, have improved and adaped the technical and scientific knowledge.

  • robust case
  • clear operating field
  • functional controlling lights for: fixed applicators accumulaor loading state
  • announcement of term control (Countdown-numerator)
  • 3 programes
  • 3 intensity variations
  • 4 standard accumulators
  • 2 exits for applicators, extendableon 4 exits
  • input socket for loading power pack
  • loading adaptor cable for loading druing level
  • home loading station

Setting of the impulse

  • rectangle imulse with e-function
  • auomatic north south pole change circuit
  • biologically relvant frequency grouping in the area 1 to 30 hertz
  • average field strength 50 micro Tesla
  • fixed time setting of the programes:
    – Program 1 basis = 20 min.
    – Program 2 vita l= 16 min.
    – Program 3 relax = 12 min.


  • 50% of intensity
  • 100% of intensity
  • rising intensity of 25% to 100% per flow
  • loading capacity of the accumulators:
    – from 20 to 50 treatments
    – according to program choice loadingtime from 5 to 12 hours


Blanket applicator
Blanket applicator

The reel system of the applicators. On our reel system, we have a protection of patented designs. There is a plastic-covered stranded copper wire. An endless winding, without plug-contact or soldering-connection, guarantees security and is not susceptible for disturbances, also with extreme demand. This is the condition for a widely homogeneous magnetic field about the total area of applicator.

The best processing, materials appropriate for horses and a very comfortable fit for almost all horse dimensions make him so popular. It is extemely light and insensitively aganist external influence. Can be cleaned in washing machine, besides the coil-mat from the cover is removed.

The gaiter-applicator

By means of velcro fastening it can be put on the gaiter-applicator on all horse legs. It is no stiff gaiter. The mobility is preserved. Hence, also with sensitive horses the gaiter can be easily put in. Material, cleaning and the reel system is as well as with all other blanket-applicators. With the change parts it is usable also as a small neck part.


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