Diagnosis unit for pigs

Pregnancy diagnosis unit for pigs

Early diagnosis for your peace of mind!

Pregnancy diagnosis unit for pigs
Diagnosis unit for pigs

During pregnancy, the quantity of amniotic fluid in the uterus increases to such an extent that the uterus gradually lowers into the abdominal cavity and comes within range of the ultrasound waves emitted by the unit. The ultrasound waves are then reflected as they move across the tissue and amniotic fluid and are converted by the unit into an acoustic signal, which indicates that the animal is pregnant.

If you also wish to ensure that your breeding program proceeds smoothly and is free from unpleasant surprises, such as false pregnancies or reproductive disorders, etc., and you want to avoid, as far as possible, a reduction in economic efficiency due to livestock not being pregnant, the HK pregnancy diagnosis unit will give you the certainty you need.

The pregnancy diagnosis unit enables you to test the pregnancy of sows quickly, safely and reliably, from thirty days from the last insemination with over 90 % insurance. Don’t just suspect pregnancy, give yourself the benefit of reliable pregnancy diagnosis!

Pregnancy diagnosis unit for pigs
Pregnancy diagnosis unit for pigs

The HK pregnancy diagnosis unit is available now in two models. The unit is available either with an external probe that is attached to the unit by a coil cord, or with an integrated ultrasonic head.

The new units have the following features:

  • The units can be operated either using a battery or a storage battery.
  • The modern design makes the unit very easy to use and also meets the tough demands of everyday use.
  • The unit can be switched on and off by simply pressing a button.
  • The unit switches itself off automatically to avoid unnecessary power consumption.
  • Using the sturdy detachable clip, the unit can be attached securely to a belt or to the pocket of a jacket or overalls.
  • The casing has been specially designed to give protection against penetration of moisture.
  • The battery compartment has a safety lock and is shielded from the other electronic components.
  • The unit includes a case for secure storage.


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