Pregnancy diagnosis unit for cows


Pregnancy diagnosis unit

More peace of mind through immediate diagnosis. Rapid, simple and reliable pregnancy diagnosis from the 90th day using ultrasound means that you avoid unpleasant surprises, such as a false pregnancy or rejection of the foetus.

No previous experience or extensive training is necessary and the test generally takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

The problem:

The mare has been covered and so far has shown no signs of returning to estrus. Nevertheless, the risk of abortion is high until the twelfth week of pregnancy because the foetus has yet to be implanted in the dam.

The solution:

The HK pregnancy diagnosis unit gives you peace of mind. You simply lubricate the probe with contact oil, place it on the abdominal wall near the base of the udder and move it across the abdominal cavity. If the mare is pregnant, this will be shown by a continuous signal.

The benefits:

You can decide when the test should be carried out and previous experience and/or extensive training are not required. The test avoids the need for a transrectal examination, which is unpleasant for the horse, and is also risk-free. If the result is unclear, you simply repeat the procedure at a later date, without incurring any additional cost. The unit, which comes in a durable plastic casing, attaches simply to a belt, leaving both hands free for holding the probe.

Pregnancy diagnosis unit for cows
Pregnancy diagnosis unit for cows

How to measure reliably and precisely

The starting point for the probe is below the stifle fold at the base of the udder. If the mare is pregnant, the ultrasound waves will be reflected by the placental fluid and will emit a continuous tone.


From the 90th day, the reliability of the diagnosis is very high at over 90%. If the probe is positioned too far towards the tail, reflections from the bladder or from the floor of the pelvis can lead to false positive diagnoses. If the result is negative, it should be repeated after two to three days. This will give additional peace of mind.


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