Fence examiner

Fence examiner

The perfect solution for digital tension measurement and functional control without contact.

The mistake search in the pasture fence is often laborious and time-consuming. Now with the fence examiner HK this is over!

These arguments are convincing:

  • The stable case connects attractive design with the best handiness and is protected especially against penetration humidity.
  • Sure and comfortable reading of the measuring values permits the big display.
  • Exact announcement of the tension of 100 to 9900 volts.
  • A comfortable length of the ground cable of 1.50 metres.
  • Functional control without contact to 5 metres of distance to the pasture fence possibly.
  • Sure company by the use of 9 V of battery.
  • An automatic shutoff provides for the avoidance of unnecessary energy consumption
  • 1 + 1 = your advantage: the exactness of a digital volt metre is combined with the comfort of a functional control without contact in a device.

The functional principle:

  • To the tension measurement the brass point of the ground cable is pressed in the ground and is touched with the pencil of the fence examiner the pasture fence. With ropes or tapes is to be paid attention to the fact that a voltage-carrying leader is met. The measurement automatically occurs, a turning on of the device is not necessary. On the announcement the tension measured in KV (kilovolt) can be read. The important statements arise from it to the hat security of the pasture fence!
  • To the functional control without contact switch on the fence examiner by keystroke. The company readiness is signalled by lighting up of a lamp. Up to a distance of about 3 to 5 metres is removed from the pasture fence the presentation of a tension by a discontinuous tone confirmed. If no tension lies before the tone is missing.

Application troubleshooting:

  • Besides a lack of grounding or heavy vegetation include power interruptions caused by fault on the wire or the insulators. The most common problems are easily to troubleshoot with the HK fence tester. Turn on the instrument and follow the fences at a distance of max. 5 meters. Once the intermittent signal sounds, the range of voltage interruption is reached and the error can be resolved .