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Ultrasound-Inhaler - Innovation technology

When choosing an inhalator for a horse, the most important criteria are the particle’s size, the amount being taken in per treatment, the two-chamber system, the materials and the proportion of the outlets on the mask. Inhalation is most effective in a state of rest.

Air One - the optimal treatment of the respiratory tracts

perfect atomisation
smallest particle sizeduring permanent operation
easy to use
clear-cut design
water resistant
shockproof body
wall fixtures
coin-operated locker accessory

transparent mask also for pony’s – dogs – cats
snug fit
special ventilation
easy to clean
replacable valves
safety socket#infinitely variable air
safety tested


Early discovery of the problem

Diseases of the respiratory tract are - after colics- the second largest form of interior diseases horser suffer from. Especially during the cold months of the year, stables are full of coughing and snorting sounds. The cause for a horses cough vary: low aulity feeds, dust allergies or infectious diseases.
A coughing horse must see the Vet byall means, to clarify cause and degree of the illness. Afterwards, a therapy using theair-one-Ultrasound-inhale can be applied immediately.

Successful and efficient cure

The ultrasound-inhaler is the only efficient method to cure diseases of the repiratory tract successfully. All other therapies have proved to fail in the end. Medications are properly atomised, reaching not only the bronchi but all bronchial tubes including the Alveola.
Extensive studies and reserarch have made sure of this fact nummerous times. Veterinarians and veterinary clinics recommend the aerosol-therapy because of its undoubted efficiency.

Wall fitting for the air-one

Since the correct position of the inhaler is very important, the air one can be fitted onto the wall. The shorter the distance, the more efficient the treatment. It also secures the appliance during operation and protects it from damage.

A careful disinfection is essential for a successful tratment. When designing the air one, we paid attention especially to that. Every part of the appliance can be cleande easily making sure no germs willre-infect the horse when the inhaler is used again. An efficient disinfactant spray comes with the appliance. After 15 minutes, the air-one is disinfected and ready to use again. A plastic container for proper storage is supplied as well.

The air-one coin box

Everyone in your stable can benefit from buying the air-one. The coin box can be fitted and connected to the inhaler easily. Opersting time and payment intervals are up to you.

Calculate € 2,00 per use and yourair-one is all paid for alfter just a year, assuming that 30 horses will need to inhale 11 days per annum.

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